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I like how Bugs is introduced looking very phallic.

Honestly a sequel to the game can be made using the OpenBOR engine using those CPS2 sprites for the theoretical game.

Wait, this video was made in 2017. You might already know that at this point.

Disregard my comment then.

Shock-Dingo responds:

Yup, I'm familiar with BoR, never messed with it though. I made this as proof of concept test, but who knows, one day i'd like to expand upon this idea and BOR seems like a good place to start.

Thanks for stopping by and reviewing! Cheers!

Like Disney need to ruin Dragon Ball. Toei Animation and Funimation are doing a better job at that.

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If we were all honest here, level 9 was the bullshit level. Not because of how cryptic the puzzle is, hell its not cryptic at all; but rather how you precise your jumps have to be to reach to the goal and the amount of backtracking you have to do if you fucked up a jump.

Yeah, fuck that level. Great game,btw.

Came for the hot meganeko explorer. Stayed for the inventive level designs and Touhou levels of platforming.

Alright. This game is awesome. It reminds me of Blizzard's Three Vikings game. Definitely a game I will consider buying for real for my iPhone.

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Who will win?

An Ancient All Powerful Dark Overlord wielding Immense Magical Powers and Has the Body of a 12 Foot Tall Wild Hog.

- OR -

one brave boi

Oh shit! That maid got a gun!

I thought I won't have to deal with this shit again after Guilty Gear Xrd

Looks like a self insert for an upcoming space themed hentai comic.

So yeah, good design considering the related space babes you have draw.

Some guy who draws shit and plays too much video games.

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